Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review

#508: All The Pain Money Can Buy by Fastball

October 6, 2020

By 1998 the grunge bubble had burst even for the second wave, as sunnier, more eclectic alternative rock fought for radio airwave space against the upstart nu-metal bands and a resurgence of manufactured pop. One of the biggest hits was thanks to the Austin, Texas trio Fastball, whose sophomore album All The Pain Money Can Buy produced the cinematic single "The Way," which along with bands like Harvey Danger, The New Radicals, Imperial Teen, and others provided a momentary bubble of pop uncertainty. Fastball wasn't exactly a one-hit-wonder, charting two additional singles in the top 20. The album oscillates between the voices and styles of Tony Scalzo and Miles Zuniga, who craft concise tunes with enough diversity to touch on 60s pop psychedelics, 70s power-pop and 80s new wave without jarring inconsistencies.


Songs In This Episode:

Intro - The Way

27:20 - Out Of My Head

33:38 - Sooner Or Later

48:20 - Warm Fuzzy Feeling

51:11 - Charlie, The Methadone Man

Outro - Fire Escape


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