Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review

#524: Rid Of Me by PJ Harvey

January 26, 2021

With three decades of records to look back on, it's safe to say Polly Jean Harvey doesn't stand still for long. From the minimalist blues of To Bring You My Love to the eerie piano pieces of White Chalk, Harvey has become indie rock's David Bowie, evolving her style steadily and consistently, often at odds with expectations. On her second album as PJ Harvey, Rid Of Me stands the test of time thanks to her raw and intimate approach while unleashing Pixies-ish punk and Bo Diddley blues rhythms. Harvey plays in a big sandbox, and her handpicked producer Steve Albini is game, giving plenty of space for light and dark to crash and thrash.


Songs In This Episode:

Intro - 50ft Queenie

16:19 - Rid Of Me

27:03 - Dry

32:52 - Me-Jane

44:03 - Yuri-G

Outro - Missed


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