Dig Me Out - 90s Rock Review

#536: Lo-Fi in the 90s

April 20, 2021

Lo-fi isn't unique to the 1990s, but it is the first decade that the recording technique (meaning literally "lo-fidelity") merged with indie rock and take on a genre identity. Artists like Pavement, Sebadoh, Guided By Voices, Liz Phair, and more found their bedroom and basement recordings appealing to more than just a tape-trading crowd with the advent of cheap CD reproduction and small labels with better distribution. But it begs the question - is lo-fi simply a recording technique based on circumstance, or an aesthetic artists strive for to attain a particular emotional effect.


Song In This Episode

Intro - I Am A Scientist by Guided By Voices

12:57 - Splendid Isolation by The Bevis Frond

22:49 - Drive All Over Town by Elliott Smith

32:37 - Losercore by Sentridoh

45:56 - Parting Shot by The Grifter

1:06:38 - Anytime You Want by Eric's Trip

Outro - Summer Babe (Winter Version) by Pavement


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